Sepik Vanilla was established in 2016 by a native Papua New Guinean from East Sepik Province. 
East Sepik is a province in North PNG where most of the country's vanilla is grown. In Sepik the product is known as Green Gold. Vanilla farms in PNG are owned and managed by individual farmers and their families. It is a cash crop industry that provides a valuable source of income for these families and their comunities.

Vanilla, like other crops, can be affected by the harsh realities of drought and pests - impacting livelihoods and income for farmers. Recent droughts have affected crops in PNG and seen farmers stuggle for survival. Sepik Vanilla believes in supporting the farmers with appropriate payment for their vanilla to ensure that they can carry on providing world class products even during the difficult times.

The owner and founder of Sepik Vanilla lives in Melbourne but maintains strong connections to her homeland. The founder's background in community development and extensive experience working with communities in her Sepik Province drove the idea to promote one of PNG's best assets - Vanilla.

Sepik Vanilla is established to serve as a conduit to export and import PNG vanilla beans directly from farmers in rural communities to international markets and customers. This ensures farmers get value for money for their labour and products to ensure they live happy and productive lives. 

We hope you enjoy our world class Vanilla and feel pride in supporting community development in PNG.

Taim yu baim Sepik vanilla, yu strongim pipol na kantri blong Papua New Guinea.